1. Why is Car Detailing Important?

    If you take good care of all the mechanical parts of your car so that it runs perfectly and you know that it is reliable to drive long distances or through less-than-favorable conditions, you might ask yourself if it’s important to have your car detailed. After all, isn’t detailing just taking care of the way a car looks? Well, here’s where it gets kind of complicated: car detailing does ma…Read More

  2. Get Your Car Detailed To Help it Last Longer

    The prevailing wisdom is that the best way to keep your car running for as long as possible is to make sure that it receives regularly scheduled maintenance. This ensures that any larger problems that occur are dealt with as soon as possible to prevent any negative effects from spreading to other parts of the automobile. While this is absolutely true (not to mention a good idea) did you know that …Read More

  3. 3 Reasons You Should Have Your Car Detailed at Car Deets Alaska

    You may think the cleanliness of your car doesn’t really matter. After all, you are only in it for a fraction of your day, right? We would have to disagree and we bet everyone who rides in your car with you would as well. What would we suggest? Having your car detailed is affordable and takes minimal time, but if you need more encouragement to bring your vehicle to Car Deets Alaska for detailing…Read More

  4. Make Your Car a Healthier Space With Car Detailing

    While the majority of people will have their car detailed because they like to see it shining and sparkling like new, there also other benefits. One of the most important reasons you should have your car cleaned at Car Deets Alaska is because it will make your vehicle a healthier place for you to spend your time. While you may try not to think about it on a daily basis, your car is constantly gett…Read More

  5. Don’t Go On Summer Vacation With A Dirty Car

    Summer is finally here and we are sure you couldn’t be happier. If you are planning a road trip or vacation this summer, we would suggest getting your car detailed before you head off to your destination. We know there is plenty of preparation that goes into planning a trip. You have to pack, make reservations, and plan out every hour of your adventure. However, a trip in a dirty car can only ca…Read More

  6. Have the floors of your vehicle vacuumed throroughly

    Why Detailing Your Car Is A Must

    Purchasing a new car is a great feeling. Your vehicle never looks, smells or drives better than it does when you are pulling off the car lot. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to keep your car in this condition after you have owned it for even a few months. While keeping it in perfect condition may not be possible, you can keep it in the best possible condition and you can do so by having yo…Read More