Car Deets Auto Detail is the ONLY shop in Alaska that is authorized to apply Ceramic Pro paint protection film. This innovative technology helps keep your vehicle free of dirt, grime, and grease and this amazing exterior coating comes with a lifetime warranty. One application and your vehicle has a lifetime of tough and beautiful protection.

This coating technology is the new face of vehicle care. Ceramic Pro is a clear, nano-ceramic coating that is applied in multiple layers. With proper application and curing, the nano-ceramic coating turns into a permanent, flexible shield that protects your vehicle.

Ceramic Pro helps you protect your investment from dirt, rocks, tree sap, grime, road tar, scratches, winter salt, and more! Ceramic Pro coating even makes waxing a thing of the past!

Ceramic Pro is Innovative Car Paint Protection

  • The slickness of the coated surface doesn’t allow dirt, brake dust, or tar to stick to your car’s paint, wheels, or glass, making washing your vehicle less intensive.
  • Ceramic Pro, once cured, is measured to have a hardness above 9H. Normal clear coat has a hardness rating between 2H and 4H. The Ceramic Pro shield prevents minor scratches to your clear-coat and acts as a sacrificial layer. This preserves the original factory paint.
  • Any surface scratches that happen in the coating are easily removed with light polishing which will not weaken the integrity of the original clear coat. With Ceramic Pro your paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection in the glass coating.
  • Glossy, slick, and self-cleaning. This nano technology allows the ceramic nanoparticles to fill the smallest pores in the paint to create a shiny, glass-like shield that is smooth and so slick that it actually pushes water away from it (hydrophobic).
  • Ceramic Pro dramatically lowers the surface tension preventing environmental contaminants such as: bird droppings, bugs, dirt, tar, and graffiti paint from bonding to the surface. Water easily removes dirt by encapsulating it and then rolling off the surface in what is called the self-cleaning effect.
  • Ceramic Pro 9H offers permanent protection. Once the Ceramic Pro glass shield has cured it can only be removed through abrasion. This puts Ceramic Pro in a category by itself, compared to sealants or waxes that degrade quickly.

*Check out our photo gallery to get a closer look at what Ceramic Pro Coating looks like after application


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